Upgrading sonarqube developer edition from version 6.7 to 7.9 lts

HI All,
I have sonarqube 6.7 developer’s version installed .
I want to upgrade it to 7.9 lts .
I want to know whether the current license key will work for the new version 7.9lts .
OR I will get(or need to ask for) new key for new version .
Thanks in Advance !


Hi Rehan,

The current key should keep working. A Server ID (which the license is tied to) will change if the sonar.jdbc.url configuration for the SonarQube instance changes. If this doesn’t change, your license remains valid. If it does, you should get in touch with contact@sonarsource.com by sending in text format the old server ID and the new server ID with the SonarQube version.

Hope this helps. Regards,

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