License issue while testing new sonarqube server version

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  • Sonarqube server version: 8.9 LTS (enterprise), upgrade target: 8.9.10 LTS (enterprise)
  • I am trying to validate a new version of sonarqube server (8.9.10 LTS) by taking an image of the current server and DB, recreating them on new instances, performing the upgrade to 8.9.10, and finally running an analysis against it, to validate that nothing in our workflow breaks. The problem is that sonarqube server identifies this server as different from our currently live server, and refuses to run analysis due to a license conflict. This has not occurred in prior times where I’ve gone through this process with earlier versions of sonarqube. Has anyone ran into this before, and hopefully found a solution?

Hey there.

You can read more about actions that invalidate a license key here, and also how to request a new key (get in touch with if required.

Hi Colin, thanks for your reply. Would requesting a new key for this test server affect the license key running on our existing ‘production’ server?

Hi @ckeleher
If you have Enterprise Edition, you can have 1 prod server and 2 additional test servers.
I assume that you are running 1 prod (with its own license key) and another test server (for which you need to ask for a new key, as Server seems to have changed).
The new key will be tied to the test server, no impact on prod.