Cannot Renew SonarQube License

I’m using SonarQube version 7.7 Developer edition. The license was about to expire and we procured a new license. Whenever I key in the license key shared to us under Administration-Configuration-License Manager and click on save button, it just close the session and logs me out. There is no error message or anything. If anyone have faced similar issue, kindly let me know. This would be of great help

Hi @Bhuvan ,
can you share screenshots?
Have you applied the key sent by your Sales Rep, related to your ServerID?
and just to add there, you are running a SQ 7.7, which is an old version of SonarQube; You should definitely migrate to either 7.9 LTS or 8.7 (our latest release).


Hi @Carine_Bayon ,

There was no error message or anything. It just logs me out.
Anyway another Admin user was able to set up the new license key and is working good. Weird though.
Also thanks for the information to migrate, we will look into it and upgrade ASAP.


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