Unable to Update SonarQube License

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A few weeks ago, my company received an email with details to update our SonarQube license, but whenever attempting to apply the new key, I get multiple errors depending on what values I provide.

Below are the details of our SonarQube license that was in place:

I have blacked out the Server ID for security purposes, but I can assure that it is an exact match to the new license details that were provided.

Is anyone able to provide assistance as to why I cannot get the license to update? This is preventing ‘Quality Gates’ from being successfully published to our SonarQube server for Executive review.

Hey there.

It’s helpful if you answer the questions listed, not just copy and paste them! :slight_smile:

What version of SonarQube you’re using is particularly relevant here.


Based on the system settings within the Admin portal, we are using version 7.1


Thanks for the info! That’s a pretty old version of SonarQube now (the minimum supported version is SonarQube v7.9 LTS, and the latest version is v8.2). You should upgrade at your earliest convenience.

There’s a bug specifically with v7.1 and applying licenses. Your options are either:

  • Apply the license via Web API

curl -X POST -u admin:<password> “http://<server URL>:<server port>/api/editions/apply_license?license=<license key>"

  • Upgrade to v7.9 LTS (which you should do even if applying the license was working fine :wink: )