SonarQube Server ID


I’m trying to upgrade the Postgres instance used by our SonarQube 7.6 instance. Having tried to do this using snapshots restored to a new instance and finding this required a new Server ID, I’m now paranoid about when a new ID is mandated. I’ve now kinda proved the upgrade works (bar the Server ID changing for the new instance), and can happily do it on the existing instance if the ID doesn’t change.

From what I’ve read in various topics, the ID was based on anything specified in the JDBC URL. Is this still the case, and will I be able to do anything I like with the database so long as I keep the JDBC URL specified in the same? In another topic, it’s mentioned that “A license is valid for one and only one ServerID, which itself is tied to a unique dataset”, and “unique dataset” seems a bit more involved than just a JDBC URL.

Many thanks,