SonarQube 8.3 released

Hi all,

SonarSource is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 8.3, which includes effortless set up of branch and PR analysis in Jenkins and more analysis info in your ALM. Details on those topics and more in the official announcement.

In addition, there are a few other things you want to be aware of. First, we’ve made a number of performance improvements in this version :tada::


  • Applications have moved to the Projects page.
  • The Security Hotspots Reviewed on New Code metric has been added to the built-in Quality Gate.
  • More server properties are configurable via environmental variables (SONAR-13272)
  • Coverage for .NET now includes branch/condition coverage, not just line coverage. Because of this, your coverage percentage could drop post-upgrade.

You’ll find more details in the upgrade notes and full details in the release notes. Please open new threads for any questions you have about these or other features.

As usual, download is available at, and the official Docker images are available on Docker Hub!



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