SonarQube 7.5 Released

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Hi all,

SonarSource is proud to announce the release of :sparkles: SonarQube 7.5 :sparkles:!

You can find details of the most compelling new features in the official announcement.

In addition, here are a few things you might want to be aware of:

  • We’ve added new issue backdating cases. We think we’re done with this BTW, and don’t plan to add further cases.
  • Applications (EE) now log quality gate and definition change events.
  • We’ve fixed a couple security vulnerabilities. (SONAR-11475, SONAR-11506)
  • The DB connection pool settings are no longer ignored. If you noticed a performance slowdown with 7.4 (and only 7.4), this should fix it. (SONAR-11539)
  • A deadlock that could occur during processing of project and portfolio reports with multiple workers (EE) and MSSQL has been fixed. (SONAR-11467)

As always, check the upgrade notes and release notes.

Download is available at

Ann & Chris

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Thank you for you great work for SonarQube-7.5. And when could we get the version 7.5 from maven central?

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Hi @xuhuisheng,

It’s now available on maven central.

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Thank you @Chris, So I can begin updating my l10n plugin.

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Great work,

I have a quick question, when will the docker image be available for 7.5 ?

I’m just about to setup a instance using docker and would like to use the latest version.

Thanks in advance

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