SonarQube 7.6 released


(G Ann Campbell) #1

Hi all,

SonarSource is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 7.6!:tada:

You can find the details of the most compelling new features in the official announcement.

In addition, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • This version drops the concept of modules from the SonarQube server. By and large this should be transparent for most people but:
    • there are no longer any module-level or directory-level homepages
    • the Measures page no longer presents the worst-first view by default; to get there you’ll have to choose the List view
    • some module-level analysis configurations are no longer available
  • We’ve simplified Quality Gate configuration. This will avoid a lot of confusion in the future, but this upgrade may convert or drop some of your existing QG conditions.
  • FindBugs 3.9.1 and below are incompatible. This version embeds SonarHTML for the first time, and the two analyzers both claim .jsp files.
  • Analysis no longer ignores directories whose names start with a dot when the analysis OS is Windows.
  • We’ve made UI-side project creation easier to get to for (properly permissioned) non-admin users.
  • There have been a few colorblind-friendly improvments (SONAR-10058, SONAR-11204)
  • You can now enable rules from the profile comparison page

You’ll find more details on the most significant changes in the upgrade notes, and full details in the release notes.

As usual, download is available at

Ann & Chris

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(Julien Lancelot) #3

Hi all,

In addition to the details of this new release of SonarQube, I’d like to add that the docker image of the community edition of 7.6 is now available on

Julien Lancelot

(Lukas Joergensen) #4

This version breaks the @ScannerSide annotation.
This breaks GitLab integration plugin. FindBugs plugin might be affected by this as well, and others.


(Lukas Joergensen) #5

Reported the bug here:

(G Ann Campbell) #6

Thanks for the notification @lukaspj. I’ve marked the Gitlab plugin incompatible with this version in the Marketplace. Findbugs had already been marked incompatible for different reasons.


(Nicolas Peru) #7

Just for sake of clarity, findbugs compatibility with SQ 7.6 is on track right now, everything can be followed on sonar-findbugs plugin github :

(Gerald Mücke) #8

The Mutation Analysis Plugin also stops working due to unsatisfied dependency on RulesProfile.
As far as I’ve understood, this has to be replaced with ActiveRules. I think I’ll be able to provide a fix in the next couple of days and release a new version.

(G Ann Campbell) #9

Thanks for the notification, Gerald. I’ve updated the Marketplace.


(Gerald Mücke) #10

The new release of the mutatation-analysis-plugin with support for 7.6 is ready, see here: [NEW RELEASE] Mutation Analysis 1.4

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(Huan Ruan) #12

Hi Ann

Can you please elaborate more on this point - which configurations are no longer available and what should be used instead?


(G Ann Campbell) #13

Hi Huan,

The point is elaborated in the Upgrade Notes, linked above.


(Huan Ruan) #14

Thanks Ann. I missed that.

(John Dove) #15

Does this 7.6 version FIX the following SONAR bug? (11622)


This 11622 bug page (link above) says 7.6 fixes the TEMP FILE problem on Windows.
I just want to make sure before I download 7.6.
Can someone please verify this?
Is there a BUG LIST that is FIXED for this version?

(G Ann Campbell) #16

@jdove if it’s in the Release Notes (linked above) then it’s fixed in the version.

(John Dove) #17

G Ann Campbell,

Thanks for the quick reply. Very much appreciated.
I checked the release notes and YES it says it is fixed.
Server temp files fail to be deleted on MS Windows)

Looking forward to downing 7.6 and giving it a try.

(Gilbert Rebhan) #18


we had this problem after updating from Sonarqube 5.6.6 to 7.4
I confirm it’s fixed in Sonarqube 7.6


(John Dove) #19


Thanks very much for confirming, as well.

That is great news.

Looking forward to trying out 7.6.

  • John Dove

(John Dove) #20

Thank you VERY much for everyone’s quick replies to my question, regarding above bug (11622).
I very much appreciate it.
Looking forward to downloading an trying out 7.6

  • John Dove