"You're not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator." when logging in with renamed Github account

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  • ALM used: Github
  • CI system: Circle CI
  • Error observed:
You're not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator.
  • Steps to reproduce
    I renamed my github account name from paulvancoller-adeptadvisory to paulvancoller.
    When I try to log into Sonarcloud with Github, I get the error You're not authorized to access this page. Please contact the administrator.. It appears that it is still trying to use paulvancoller-adeptadvisory@github.com.

Is there a way to change this inside the SonarCloud database?


Do you get this error when you try to log in?

Or do you get this when accessing a specific project / page?

Are you able to login with your GitHub account?

Normally, changing your GitHub username should not be an issue. You should be able to login as before, and have access to the same organizations and projects as before.

Please share the above details (and others if you feel relevant) so we can understand the problem better.

I’m having a similar issue but with a renamed Azure DevOps account. Unfortunately, my account is the “admin” account for our Sonar Cloud instance.

  1. I get the same error after validating my Azure DevOps account.
  2. It’s on all pages I attempt to visit
  3. Yes, I’m able to log in to my Azure DevOps account.

Hi Janos.

Thanks for the reply.

I get this when I log into Sonarcloud from the “https://sonarcloud.io/” URL.

I am at that point, already logged into my Github.com account on the same browser.

So at this point I cannot get to my projects or profile screen either.


Can you please check the JavaScript console of your browser to see if there are some failing requests or errors?

Have you tried cleaning the browser cache (or logging in from incognito window)?

Hi there.

I just tried both options, but sadly the same response.
It appears to be backend related.


Hi @paulvancoller, in our database I see both paulvancoller@github and paulvancoller-adeptadvisory@github. What is strange is that the GitHub ID we have of paulvancoller@github appears to be non-existent on GitHub, and the GitHub ID of paulvancoller-adeptadvisory@github matches the real GitHub ID of paulvancoller user on GitHub.

Normally, the GitHub ID should never change when renaming a username, that’s the whole point (at GitHub side, and we follow likewise). I will investigate how we got into this situation, and find a fix.

If you have any ideas on your side (related to how exactly you renamed your account on GitHub, or something to explain the non-existent GitHub ID), that could be helpful, please share!

Hi @janos.

Apologies for the late reply.

What you describe actually sounds right. Here is what happened:

I had 2 Github users:

  • paulvancoller
  • paulvancoller-adeptadvisory

I wanted to migrate them, so I deleted paulvancoller , and renamed paulvancoller-adeptadvisory to paulvancoller.

So, if you are saying that a rename does not change your ID, it would make sense that paulvancoller would have an id of paulvancoller-adeptadvisory@github.

Would it then be possible for you to delete (or rename) the paulvancoller@github id, as this technically no longer exists on Github’s side?


Thanks Paul for the explanation.

As a workaround, we manually swapped your accounts. Can you please check if it works, and that you have access to all you had before? Please let us know!

And I created an internal ticket to handle this use case better in the future.

Thanks very much for the reply and support.

I can confirm this is working, and I can successfully log in.


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Hey @janos,

Could you help me out? I’m having the exact same issue that Paul described.

  • Old GitHub: fbernalt@github
  • New GitHub: fabiobernalt@github

Hi @fabiobernalt, welcome to the community!

It will be better to post your request as a new topic, with a detailed explanation of how exactly it happened that your old GitHub username was fbernalt, and now it is fabiobernalt. We need some way to verify such identity changes, or a reasonable explanation how you lost access. The more information you can provide, the better. Please post as a new topic, with a link back to this one, to help other readers. Please do not address me directly, somebody from the team will pick up your new thread.

Hi Janos, I have been using sonarcloud for some time and i have created my account using Github. But since last week i am getting an error while logging in with Github saying “You are not authorized to view this page”. I haven’t made any changes on Github regarding the name change or anything. My github username is TheRedHatter.