Login after GitHub rename does not work

I recently renamed my GitHub account, now, when I try to login, I get asked:

We noticed that you've renamed your username on GitHub.

By clicking on "Continue" we will update the key of your personal organization and rename your login to :

This means that you need to update :
Build scripts that might be using your old personal organization key (tim-satke-github).
Any Web Service call that might be referencing your old login (tim-satke@github).

When I confirm this request, I just get redirected to https://sonarcloud.io/sessions/unauthorized.

Anything I can do to fix this issue?

Hi Tim,

can you tell what is your new GitHub login? (your old one being tim-satke from what I see in the message)

My new login is TimSatke, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi @TimSatke,

This issue happens most probably because the last time you authenticate on SonarCloud was a long time ago and you’ve renamed your GitHub username since that time.
We’ll do the required fix for you to be able to authenticate again on SonarCloud.
We’ll keep you updated when it will be done.


Any update?

Hi @TimSatke,

It seems that the renaming of login has correctly been taken into account.
What happen when you try to authenticate now ?


Now I don’t get the message to confirm that my username has changed, but I am receiving the unauthorized message instantly.

Ok, that’s a bad news, I’ll continue my investigation.

In the meantime, could you please explain me how did you rename your GitHub login ? Did you encounter some issue ? Did you first create a new account then close the old one ?

No issues while renaming, I renamed my account using the GitHub Profile editing.
The rename on GitHub went so well that I was actually stunned.
I could instantly access my projects under the respective new URL, GitHub’s frontend was just fine etc.

Hi @TimSatke,

Sorry for the delay, the issue should now be fixed, and you should be able to authenticate on SonarCloud without any issue.
Thanks for confirming it !

Worked like a charm, thank you for the help!

Great, thanks for the confirmation !

Hi Julien,
same issue here.
Is the same scenario of TIm.

I’ve logged on with my account @hpfs74 and from there on receiving the same error message Tim had.


@TimSatke can you help me with the same issue, I can’t login into sonarcloud with gitlab account, because I recently renamed my GitLab account, now, when I try to login I just get redirected to https://sonarcloud.io/sessions/unauthorized.

My Gitlab user is @jprieto6