Can't login to SonarCloud with GitHub after rename profile

We use SonarCloud with GitHub. My teammate has renamed the profile and cannot log in to Sonar. Automatic synchronization with github is enabled but the old profile name is displayed. I tried to disable synchronization and add a profile manually, but it still doesn’t work.

Hi @maxx-nomad,

This is, unfortunately, a known problem from our side…

We did a fix a little while ago. But if your profile was created before that fix, we will have to delete your SonarCloud profile and that will allow you to create a new one by simply logging back to SonarCloud with GitHub. Then this new profile should be manually added to your organization.

May I ask you to confirm that we can proceed with the deletion of your account?
And if yes, I will send you a private message with additional information.

Thanks! Yes, I am ready

Perfect, please answer the private message I sent you :wink:

As per our private messages, your old account has been deleted.