SonarCloud GitHub authentication issue with my account


My GitHub email (for authentication) has changed, but I have the same GitHub handle. I used to be able to authenticate and get access when my GitHub login was with the old email address, but since my email has changed it’s tripped up and I get the message:

Sorry, but we couldn’t verify your authorization to access this page.
When we tried, here’s what the provider said:
Your email does not match the one we have on record: ‘n**********@****.fr’. Please add this email and verify it on GitHub in order to regain access to the account

I no longer have access to GitHub via the old account as my account has been migrated, so the steps aren’t valid. I need assistance to have my associated email changed to fix my account mapping.


I’m having this same issue. Did you get a response to your request?

Hello @NSV ,

I sent you a PM last week regarding your issue, have you been able to view it?




I have the same issue. I’d appreciate your help. I’m introducing Sonar to my team and trying to get them to buy into the process but I can’t get access.