User is getting a 'You're Not Authorized to Access This Page' Error after renaming Github handle


I am an administrator/owner within our Github and Sonarcloud organization and I am getting a user request the investigate an issue that a user is having while trying to authenticate into SonarCloud via Gtihub. I have recently configured automatic synchronization for Github users to be added into Github after authenticating into SonarCloud at least once. The user was already a member within the SonarCloud organization (and had prior membership in Github), so he already existed as a member in SonarCloud before and after I activated Github synchronization.

A long while ago he had changed his Github handle from ‘desaih86’ to ‘desaih’ but he shows up under SonarCloud members as his old handle which is ‘desaih86@github.’ So whenever he attempts to log into Sonarcloud through Github, he runs into a ‘You’re Not Authorized to Access This Page’ Error. I suspect that this is a backend issue, but I’d like to confirm this suspicion. If my suspicion is correct, is there a way that his old identity can be removed from the Sonarcloud server or database so he can access Sonarcloud? I’d also like to know if there are any ‘best practices’ that users should follow in hopes of mitigating this issue for any future users. Thank you in advance!

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The issue has been resolved through a private thread. It was caused by the user having multiple logins on SonarCloud due to the change of their GitHub handle.

The invalid user was removed from our system, and access was regained.


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