Wrong usernames for users from Github Organization

We have created a new organization and enabled ‘Automatic sync with GitHub’ but I see some strange users with wrong usernames that don’t exist in our Github organization.

For example I see user vdovynets@github

But user with such username doesn’t exist in our Github organization. We have only <...>-vdovynets-<...>:

I thinks it’s somehow related to historical changes in our Github organization. When it was created we invited to it users by their personal accounts but after some time we asked all of them to use github accounts registered to corporate email. And seems like some of them just renamed their github usernames to a new pattern.

  1. But I don’t understand why SonarCloud organization created couple of days ago can be affected by this.
  2. How to get the actual usernames in SonarCloud?

Hi Mykhailo,

Welcome to the community!

I have a couple of questions to investigate your issue:

You said “And seems like some of them just renamed their github usernames to a new pattern.”. Do you mean that they are still using their personal email address but changed their names on Github? You did not remove the accounts with personal email addresses from the Github organization?

You say you have strange users that don’t exist in Github. This is not clear to me if those users are there instead of other users (for example ou have vdovynets@github on your org on SonarCloud whereas you have <…>-vdovynets-<…> user on your github org), or there are additional users (on SonarCloud org you have both vdovynets@github and <…>-vdovynets-<…>)

If we continue with the case of vdovynets user, does this user have an account on SonarCloud? If yes, I will initiate a private message with you and could you please share the user profile as per the screenshot below:

Thanks a lot for your inputs,


Hi @nolwenn.cadic

Thanks for your replay. Seems like we have a solution - I just asked each member with strange username to login into Sonar for the first time after our registration. After that their users got correct usernames.

I have no idea what is the root cause but solution works fine for us. Thanks

Hi Mykhailo,

I am glad to read the issue was resolved. The behavior you described is expected, when the users logged into SC, there were a sync between their Github account and their SonarCloud account and that updated the information on their SonarCloud account.

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