You're not authorized to access this page

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  • ALM used GitHub

  • CI system used TeamCity

  • Error observed
    You're not authorized to access this page

  • Steps to reproduce

  • Create one GitHub account with access to SonarCloud
  • Create one GitHub account without access to SonarCloud
  • Delete GitHub account without access
  • Rename the account to use the username from the one that was deleted
  • Try to access to SonarCloud and errors appear.

I used to have two accounts, one for my company and my personal one, but I decided to merge them. The only way was to delete one and rename the other one to keep the username I had.

The initial account was fbernalt@github and I renamed it to fabiobernalt@github

Not authorized screen

The SonarCloud administrator from my company sent me the image below that shows it still has linked my old GitHub account

Took inspiration from this:

Issue was resolved privately with @fabiobernalt

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