Upgrade sonar from 6.7 to 7.9.1


Would you please comment if we are safe to upgrade from 6.7.7 to 7.9.1?
Do we need to have extra changes instead of plugins?

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Hi Sepideh,

Yes, it’s safe.

Unless you’re using community plugins, the 7.9.1 bundle you download and install will include all the plugins you need. You will want to configure the new instance’s $SONARQUBE_HOME/conf/sonar.properties appropriately, but that ought to be about it.


Thanks for your reply.
Is there any alternative for https://jira.sonarsource.com/browse/SONAR-11670?

Hi Sepideh,

As discussed in the ticket, the pull request analysis in Developer Edition($) is considered to be the replacement.



Could you please confirm that the full functionality that was provided by the “preview mode (-Dsonar.analysis.mode=preview)” is available in “pull request analysis” in the Developer Edition


Hi @pcar,

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Let’s say this is slightly apples and oranges. Well, let’s say this is onions and oranges. And the orange is bigger.


Hello Ann,

Could you please provide more details. We have many users that are currently using “preview mode”. We currently have 6.7.7LTS installed. Our plan was original to upgrade to 7.9LTS, however, after user acceptance testing, we had many complaints that this feature was missing. We need to understand the differences in the two features: “preview mode” vs “pull request analysis” so if we decide to purchase the Developer addition we are assured that the ways of working of users will not be impacted.

Many thanks for your support


We consider preview mode fully replaced by the combination of SonarLint and PR analysis.

With SonarLint you get in-IDE reporting of all new issues as you type, so IMO this is far better than preview mode. But if you don’t want to use SonarLint or you don’t run a compatible IDE, then PR analysis gives you not just issues, but also coverage (if you generate and feed in the reports) and duplications so you know precisely whether or not your change is Quality Gate-ready.

Will users be “impacted” anyway? Of couse. This switch means changing how people work and there are always those who will grouse about that. But IMO the benefit is well worth making the small adjustments required.


Thank you for the quick response