What is the best practice for continuing the deprecated preview mode?

I am using SQ 6.7.1 developer edition and basically the dev teams want to see issues related to their changed code.
We are going to work in a mode of <PR1…n>–> <Main Version1…n (Multiple Master)>
Can we see in SonarQube server only the changed code of the specific PR?

How can I confgure that? I already checked the branch analysis documentation and got more confused.



What you’re describing is the PR analysis available with Developer Edition. Have you tried to use it?


Hi Ann!

The PR analysis with Quality Gate support sounds awesome!
Is there still a use-case for the short lived branch support? That feels like an inferior solution.

Thanks and cheers,

Hi Balazs,

(Sorry about the missing accents.) In fact, almost as soon as we implemented PR analysis we stopped analyzing short-lived branches. However, there is still a use case for the feature, I think: not everyone uses an SCM that offers PRs.


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Hi Ann,

I don’t see any “branches and pull requests” dropdown menu in the UI.
I only see master and short/ long lived branches I was created and ran sonar on.
I tried to run analysis with PR parameters but nothing was added to the sonar UI.

Hi Galit,

Pull-Request analysis was added in SonarQube 7.2, see announcement . If you’re on 6.7.1 (per your initial post) then it’s normal you don’t see that feature.

You’re just an upgrade away from it ! https://www.sonarqube.org/downloads/ (make sure to pick the package corresponding to your edition)

(pro-tip: if you’re browsing docs.sonarqube.org , then make sure to browse the version corresponding to your install, we’re going to make that clearer in the future to avoid any confusion)

Thanks, Nicolas!

Can I upgrade to 7.2 with the same license we have?
Will it affect the current projects running on the current SQ server?

Yup, should be alright, as long as you point to the same dataset.

All your data should be safely managed through the upgrade. In fact make sure to carefully go through the one-and-only SonarQube Upgrade Guide. Of course this does involve a slight downtime as you move to the new version