Some questions regarding Sonarqube upgrade


We are currently in the process of migrating to a newer version of Sonarqube (6.1 -> 7.1). I see that in terms of plugins, there are currently none installed on 7.1, and we cannot install from the marketplace due to proxy reasons. We do have plugins on 6.1. If we were to copy the plugins directory from the console from 6.1 to the 7.1 directory, would the plugins still be working properly, or do we need to download fresh new plugins at the latest version? Please let me know if I am not clear.


From 6.1, you need to upgrade to 6.7.7, and then beyond. You’re not seeing any plugins in the markeplace because 7.1 is way past EOL. Once you get to a current version, either the 7.9.3 current LTS or 8.2 current version (8.3 expected next week) then you’ll see plugins in the marketplace.


Hi Team, We are using SonarQube version 5.6.6 in our organization. Our plan is to migrate it to version 8.3. I got to know that our journey path should be
5.6.6 (current) > 5.6.7 > 6.7 > 7.9 > 8.3 (target)
I want to know whether we MS SQL 2017 supports all the previous versions and can we perform the upgrade using it ?
I would really appreciate your quick help in this.

Hi @Paras_Sharma,

You posted exactly the same question in another old topic. Please don’t do that.

I answered you in the other thread. I’ll consider this one closed.