Sonarqube Queries about up-graduation

Hi Team,

I hope you are doing well.

Currently, We are using the Enterprise Edition license of the sonarqube production environment.

I have a few queries regarding License, plugins and upgrade.

• Please let me know how to find the migration path of sonarqube (Version 6.7.3 (build 38370) - LGPL v3). Is it required to install all the intermediary patches?
• In our environment, we have used almost 31 plugins. Does it support to upgrade version for all plugins which I listed below? Please let me know how to verify those things on our side.

  1. checkstyle-sonar-plugin-4.10.jar
  2. sonar-abap-plugin-
  3. sonar-branch-plugin-
  4. sonar-cfamily-plugin-
  5. sonar-cobol-plugin-
  6. sonar-crowd-plugin-2.0.jar*
  7. sonar-csharp-plugin-
  8. sonar-css-plugin-
  9. sonar-dependency-check-plugin-1.1…1.jar
  10. sonar-developer-plugin-
  11. sonar-findbugs-plugin-3.6.0.jar*
  12. sonar-governance-plugin-
  13. sonar-html-plugin-
  14. sonar-java-plugin-
  15. sonar-javascript-plugin-
  16. sonar-kotlin-plugin-
  17. sonar-license-plugin-
  18. sonar-php-plugin-
  19. sonar-pli-plugin-
  20. sonar-plsql-plugin-
  21. sonar-pmd-plugin-2.6.jar*
  22. sonar-python-plugin-
  23. sonar-rpg-plugin-
  24. sonar-scm-git-plugin-
  25. sonar-scm-svn-plugin-
  26. sonar-swift-plugin-
  27. sonar-tsql-plugin-
  28. sonar-typescript-plugin-
  29. sonar-vbnet-plugin-
  30. sonar-vb-plugin-


Hi Nataraj,

You didn’t say what your upgrade target is, but since you’re on a version of the current LTS, you’re good to upgrade to any subsequent version without being forced to hit any intermediate versions.

Again, it would be helpful to know the target version here, but the Plugin Version Matrix is what you’re looking for. For SonarSource supported plugins (marked with (Supported by SonarSource)) the compatible version will either be embedded in your SonarQube bundle or in your Edition bundle (for SQ versions <7.3). For the rest, you’ll want to check the matrix.

It will make your life easier if you just start up a copy of your target version (with your commercial bundle installed if you’re targeting <7.3) and see what’s pre-loaded in it. Then you can start doing version compatibility lookups.


Thank for your support and guidance.