Updating SonarQube

I am working with SonarQube Community Edition.

I want to upgrade it to the latest avialable SonarQube (7.2.1 Community Edition).

I’ve read in your documentation that to make the upgrade I have to upgrade to the next LT version and that to the v7.2.1:

So, in my specific case can you tell me the upgrading path please?


Up-to-date info about the current LTS and Latest versions are always available here: https://sonarqube.org/downloads/

In your case, the path would be 6.4 -> 6.7.x -> 7.2.1



When you say “6.7.x”, you mean 6.7.4?

Yes. That’s the latest version of the LTS.

The minor version doesn’t matter as much when you’re talking about the grander concept of the LTS, so sometimes it gets referred to as 6.7.x (because 6.7.5 will also eventually be the LTS, presumably) :slight_smile: It’s always a good idea to use the most recent release.


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Another question: I saw in SonarQube documentation that I should “Install the non-default plugins that compatible with your version of SonarQube.”. Do you think I should do this for version 6.7.4 and for 7.2.1? Or is it enought to do it at the end, just for v7.2.1 ?

I am a bit confused because in your documentation (https://docs.sonarqube.org/display/SONAR/Upgrading) it is stated in point 2, to “Install the non-default plugins that compatible with your version of SonarQube”.
SO let’s say I have a plugin, for example “Issue Resolver” which is available in Marketplace.
Should I installed it has you say in your documentation (using a jar) or should I install it after I start my SonarQube?

By the way, I cannot find Marketplace ate SonarQube V6.4. I am an administrator but If I go to Administration I don’t see that option. I think it’s because of this version…


I would recommend installing the non-default plugins before starting up your server when you migrate to 6.7.4, and again when upgrading to 7.2.1. That minimizes the possibility of losing any data related to those plugins. I don’t know much about Issue Resolver, so make sure you check that it is compatible with the versions of SonarQube you’re upgrading to.

The Marketplace prior to 6.7.x (possibly 6.6?) was called the Update Center.


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I see what you mean.
The Plugins are all available at the MArketplace. But in order to go to the Marketplace and install them I have to startup SonarQube. So what you are saying is that I should install them by getting the JAr files and not by the Marketplace right?


Yes. I would recommend that your non-default plugins be placed in $NEW_SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins before starting the new version of sonarqube.

Do you have a test environment (test sonarqube instance and test database, as similar to production as possible) You might be more comfortable with the upgrade if you have one and can test your upgrade activities in that environment first.