Need guidance to migrate sonarqube


(Priyanka Sharma) #1

I have to migrate my sonarqube version 5.6.6LTS to 7.2 latest one. And according to this official document I have to first upgrade LTS versions then to my 7.2 version.
My confusion is that do I have to upgrade every single LTS versions in between or what should be included in the upgrade plan.Kindly suggest.

(Colin Mueller) #2


You will want to upgrade to 6.7.4 LTS (not 6.7 -> 6.7.1 -> 6.7.2 etc.) before upgrading to 7.2.

So… 5.6.6 -> 6.7.4 -> 7.2 is your upgrade path. :slight_smile:


(Priyanka Sharma) #3

Thanks a lot Colin. I will try with this.