What actions needed for Enterprise SonarQube upgrade for non-custom plugins (7.9.2-7.9.6LTS-8.9LTS)

Currently using Enterprise SonarQube 7.9.2 with 35 non-custom plugins)
Planning upgrade of SonarQube from 7.9.2-7.9.6LTS-8.9LTS
Question: What actions are needed with regards to the plugins before actual upgrade or does the upgrade automatically update these plugins in accordance to the compatibility-matrix? Research through this community seems to reveal that starting in v8.9LTS that plugins are no longer manageable in the SonarQube GUI even at admin permissions. Please advise if any upgrade activity involves tasks in the $SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins directory.


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First, you can skip the 7.9.2->7.9.6 step. You’re on a version of the old LTS, and that’s good enough.

There’s actually a question here of which plugins you mean. I’ve just double-checked (because memories fade) and in 7.9, SonarSource-provided functionality, E.G. language engines, was shipped as plugins. By 8.9 it’s all bundled in. So there’s no need to worry about any SonarSource-provided plugins. All that functionality will be there out of the box.

Third-party plugins, you’ll need to manage yourself manually by downloading the current plugin versions and installing them in the filesystem. Note that once you do, there will be a disclaimer to check off in the UI.


Thanks Ann for the quick turnaround and information you provided. It will save us time only doing 1 version upgrade to the next LTS version.

Additional Question: I know we don’t have any custom plugins, but how do you tell if you have a 3rd party plugin is installed from looking at the SonarQube GUI? I just got assigned this task of upgrading SonarQube and don’t have access to recent history or installation history of past 3rd party plugins.


Can you share a screenshot of your Marketplace / Update Center? I’m not remembering off-hand what the markers to look for were in 7.9.


Ann, Uploaded a screen shot of my Admin/Marketplace GUI so you can see the first 8 of 35 plugins we have installed. On the right side, is either “Uninstall” or “Installed” with a checkmark. I can click the “Uninstall” and then it comes back with saying if you reboot the SonarQube server, this plugin will be removed. So my question is, are the checked Installed plugins the OOTB plugins while the Uninstalled ones are 3rd party? Thanks in advance for your response.


This is a great question!

The ones that you can’t uninstall were already OOTB in 7.9 and are so far in the box by 8.9 (to torture the metaphor) that you don’t even see them in the Marketplace anymore.

Generally, the ones that say “Developed by SonarSource” in the 3rd column are going to also be OOTB in 8.9. So no need to explicitly install Git, GitHub Auth, or any of the others in this screenshot.

Unfortunately - and this is the reason I said “generally” - there have been some plugins we’ve devolved out to the community over the years. And they sometimes also still say “Developed by SonarSource” there in that third column, because updating that metadata got overlooked.

So the best thing to do here is check the Plugin Version Matrix. At this point we’ve cleaned it out, so it only shows 3rd-party plugins with compatibility with the LTS or higher. If a plugin doesn’t appear in the matrix, then it’s

  • OOTB in SonarQube
  • Dropped from the matrix because there’s no compatibility with current versions

How do you tell the difference? There’s no good heuristic. But I should be able to tell you which are which if you want to come back with a list.

I know that’s a very imperfect answer. Unfortunately, it’s the best I’ve got.