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We are trying to upgrade our SonarQube Community Edition from version 8.1 to 8.9(LTS) according to the official documentation. SonarQube was successfully updated, there are no issues with this. I have a question about plugins.
We used the following plugins on version 8.1 (
C# Code Quality and Security,
VB.NET Code Quality and Security,
Java Code Quality and Security,
Java I18n Rules,
Sonar Ruby,
All plugins ended support on version 8.4.2. In version 8.9, as I understand it, they are no longer supported or are they already built into this version?

There are no such plugins in the plugin matrix.

Make sure you read the upgrade notes

Upgrade simplified: Languages, Git and SVN, LDAP/GitHub/SAML support now built-in (8.0, 8.5)
All plugins related to languages, Git/SVN support, and LDAP/GitHub/SAML authentication are now built into SonarQube itself. If you were using these plugins, you need to remove them from your extensions/plugins directory before upgrading. Read more in this community guide: SonarQube v8.5 and Beyond: Where did all the plugins go? (MMF-2042)

Thanks for the reply, I read the release notes.
I realized that plugins (Sonar* and etc, Git, Svn) are already built into SonarQube since version 8.5.
Question about plugins. Plugins (C# Code Quality and Security, JaCoCo, Java Code Quality and Security, Java I18n Rules, VB.NET Code Quality and Security) are also already built in SonarQube? I didn’t really understand from the documentation.

Thank you!

Yes, with the exception of GitHub - edwinyangzh/sonar-java-i18n-checks: Java I18N code analyzer plugin for SonarQube which is community-supported, and you’ll have to check with the maintainers regarding compatability

Thank you! The question is closed

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