T\SQL file is analyzed but found no issue

Hi, I have successfully run the analysis on sonarcloud (free).

2022-08-31T15:26:03.8636532Z 15:26:03.863 DEBUG: 'example.sql' generated metadata with charset 'UTF-8'
2022-08-31T15:26:03.8714135Z 15:26:03.871 INFO: 2 source files to be analyzed
2022-08-31T15:26:03.8717125Z 15:26:03.871 INFO: 2/2 source files have been analyzed
2022-08-31T15:26:03.8719797Z 15:26:03.871 INFO: Sensor Text Sensor [text] (done) | time=14ms

I intentionally choose some rules (bug, code smell) and put non-compliant code into my file, but my file on the sonarcloud UI does not show any bug or code smell.
Can you please help?


Hi Balint,

Welcome to the community!

I want to start with the basics. If you go to your Main Branch

And then Measures → Size → Lines of Code, do you see the lines in the file (well, in the project overall) counted as T-SQL? I’m asking because it’s possible your files were analyzed as PL/SQL, which would explain why no T-SQL issues were found.


Thank you very much for your reply. I agree let’s start with the basics, since I have lot to learn about SonarCloud.
I have the code (example.sql - interpreted as T-SQL) on a branch and PR. Hence, I cannot find the Measures → Size menu on the Main Branch. Although, I can find this menu on the Pull Request menu (see attached screenshot) and the new lines (144) is there.


You’re in a pull request, which is why you only have New Code as an option. Can you follow the same path for the main branch?


Thank you, Ann! You helped me a lot. Although, I had no Size link under Measure on the main branch, as soon as I merged the code, and opened another PR with additional buggy sql code to test, I could see the issues. Now, I have Measure > Size and could see the code with the bugs and issues. Even if I open another PR it works as expected.

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