Need help with GitHub, AppVeyor and T-SQL

Hi, I have a public Open-Source T-SQL and C# projects hosted on GitHub which I would like to analyse in
I have read the documentation and understand that the automated analysis is not possible with C# and T-SQL. I have had a look at the CLI tools but also not sure whether I should trigger them from my AppVeyor build (Windows VM) or via GitHub Actions.
I have created a GitHub action but it does not seem to be doing much. So far, the SonarCloud only lists 14 CSS and XML files in total in my Project.

I have also changed the file association and added .sql to T-SQL analyser and removed .sql from the PL/SQL analysers.

The GitHub Project is here: marcingminski/sqlwatch: SQL Server Performance Monitor (

I have also added

Link to the Sonar project (public) sqlwatch - Marcin Gminski (

I am a little stuck, any help appreciated. Just FYI I did read the docs and even Googled solutions, but I guess just need a little push into the right direction.

Welcome to the community! Thank you for the detailed info, very nice first post!

Looking at your project on SonarCloud, I see no source files at all on the main branch and on the few pull requests I opened randomly… This means that the scanner could not find any files to analyze. Getting the right files included in the analysis usually comes down to using the correct scanner, and its configuration. The latter is explained on our Narrowing the Focus page, but I think your real issue is actually with the scanner.

Where you run the scanner doesn’t matter much from the perspective of SonarCloud. Both should work. But you must use the right scanner.

It looks like you are using the Sonar Scanner for CLI. This is a generic tool that’s suitable for many cases. C# is a bit more tricky to analyze than other languages, and for it we have a dedicated tool, SonarScanner for .NET. Please try using that instead. I think this should get you a bit further. Let us know if you get stuck!

but how do I tell it what files to scan? The file inclusion is set to *

When using the SonarScanner for .NET, it should pick up the necessary settings about files to include or exclude based on the .NET project meta data. When using this flavor of the scanner, you should not need to adjust these settings.

When using the Scanner for CLI, it’s not that the files are not included, but the .NET analyzer does not get executed at all, that’s why you don’t see results about relevant files.