I need help getting SonarCloud to read my T-SQL files

I’ve been encountering several issues related to this topic.I actually using Azure Devops and previously, SonarCloud recognized the files in my repository as PL/SQL, but after removing the .sql extension and specifying T-SQL as the language, it no longer reads any files. It feels like it’s forcing me to analyze them as PL/SQL. So I would like to know if there is any guide for configuring the repository for T-SQL and using the T-SQL quality profiles.

Follow the configurations that I’m using:


Hey there.

sonar.language, sonar.profile, and sonar.sql.dialect are not valid analysis parameters, so you should remove those (they aren’t doing anything).

Keep in mind that anything you set in a sonar-project.properties file will overwrite anything set via the UI.

And, by settign sonar.tsql.file.suffixes twice, you are probably shooting yourself in the foot. Only set it once, and if you need to provide multiple suffixes do it like this:


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