Getting all new code .sql files in SonarCloud to be treated as T-SQL

We have .sql files within our code which are used for Microsoft SQL. SonarCloud by default treats these as pl/sql which to my understanding is used with Oracle so I believe these should be treated as t/sql. I can change this behaviour per project by changing the file extension of t/sql to .sql and remove .sql for pl/sql. Can I make this change default for all my projects? Also I have 1 project that errors if using t/sql but is fine for pl/sql so I need to understand what is going on here.

You don’t have a way to override this globally. The easiest you can do is to add the following in the file of all your projects:


This is an old topic, but the initial problem has now been solved:

In SonarQube 8.1 (or maybe even earlier) you can go to
(Global-) Administration -> Configuration -> General Settings -> Languages

  1. Select “PL/SQL” and remove the sql suffix
  2. Select “T-SQL” and add the sql suffix

From now on, all your .sql files will be treated as T-SQL files by default.

On project level this can be overwritten again, in case you want to analyze an Oracle project:
(Project-) Administration -> General Settings -> Languages
Apply the above steps and change the allocation of suffixes to the other language.

Cannot find the option sonarcloud. Any advice? ?

Still this is not a global setting and must be specified for every project

We have a similar request for custom xml file extensions. Will this ever by global ifor sonarcloud? We have to much projects to all pollute with commits to support a file extension.