Assistance on existing SonarCloud configuration

Hello, Could I please get some assistance with checking and verifying the current setup my company has?
It was setup by an employee that is no longer with the company, I was told it was never setup completely so it was abandoned and we are getting a lot of errors about failure to parse code during release creation.

Hello @Cody_West,

Could you please share which exact errors you are facing? Stacktraces would be ideal.


There are nearly 20k lines total of these errors.
We need assistance in assuring this is setup correctly or we will need to cancel our subscription since is not giving us any benefits.

Thanks for sharing.

Few follow-up questions:

  • Do your repositories contain files other than .sql files?
  • Which SQL dialect are your .sql files written in?
  • These are all warnings, and the analysis should still finish. Are there any issues being raised after an analysis?

The analysis does finish but I am not sure about your other questions.
I am a System Administrator that has been thrown into the Release Engineer role and given the task of getting this fixed or decommission it and cancel our subscription.
I am not a dev so a lot of this is not in my scope.

It’s hard to say whether the analysis is correctly configured without answers to these questions. Could you ask someone a developer at your company to have a look at these questions?

To be blunt and honest, I am probably the one with the most knowledge of SonarCloud at my company. I have asked around for over a month and no one uses it or they only know it is integrated automatically to Azure DevOps but they dont even know that SonarCloud is showing failure for quality gate.

As I mentioned, the people that partially set this up is gone and there is no one that has knowledge of how to finish setting this up or fixing it. A working session screen share will likely be the best option.

Please let me know if this can be done or who I need to speak with about canceling our subscription.

Hey there.

First of all, you probably need to redefine which language the .sql file extension is mapped to, as documented here (the default is PL/SQL, but likely these are SQL/T-SQL files).

Secondly (but hopefully only as a last resort) you can activate, cancel, upgrade or downgrade a plan by going to Your Organization> Billing & Upgrade on your organization overview page. Only an organization administrator is able to accomplish this. If that’s not you, and you don’t know who that is (or they’ve left the company), let me know.

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