The last analysis has failed. ID: "AXJSwcBzd53hPsFjPVEn"


We have added a new project for analysis. We do have existing projects and I’m not sure if this new project will bring it over our paid limit. It also does have some files that SonarCloud cannot scan. I’m curious as to what is causing the failure. Additionally, would there be any way that I can see it from my end, or do I have to reach out to the support forum when this happens? If I recall correctly, I was able to see that we were over on lines of code on our first project a few months ago.

An additional failed anaylsis ID is AXJXAN-TS4wxmfh1E-eR

Hello @al-haras,

From the logs I can see that the analysis runs out of memory on one particular file. I’ll message you directly with the file path.

At the moment this is not possible yet.

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