Community satisfaction survey, March 2023

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easy to use

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Its not a worth community, would not recommend it.
never gets the solution.
Should learn from the Micrsoft Azure Cloud community how they respond and gives the solution.

unfortunately, you don’t always get a satisfying answer
(see Suppress issue in C++ source file)

Would be nice if the session lasted more than a day, or at least be configurable

To me it was always a great help, in case I had question about configuring the SonarQube server or having problems with certain rules.

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Im happy with the “community”. Always got a proper answer within an reasonable timeframe.

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in my 20+ years as a software developer / devops engineer i have come across many forums, mailing lists and communities, i.e. as Ant user and contributor i used stackoverflow for years.
The Sonarsource community is by far the most helpful, friendly and lively of them all.
Even questions with a lack of context or (at first) unfriendly tone are answered here, and the community members give their all - even in their spare time.
As an administrator of Sonarqube Enterprise for 6 years, I learned a lot here.
To me, any community is a give and take, it’s a win-win situation.
When you teach something, you always take something for yourself - i know this from my hobbies of guitar and chess, and so it is with this forum.
If someone complains that they didn’t get an answer, it’s also important to ask the right questions and provide all the necessary details.



I it nice that people from sonarqube actually respond. However, there are 2 issues:

  • It takes a long time before anyone response
  • My particular issue is caused by a bad design of the sonarcloud azure devops tasks, but there is 0 recognition for this, and the issue is treated as if I am doing something wrong, while I’m trying to fix behavior caused by the bad design

I greatly appreciate SonarCommunity help and cannot imagine how we would do without it. Your support is essential in our SonarQube maintenance and upgrade efforts. Thank you!


I use the community mostly for troubleshooting / reporting bugs. I recommend my colleagues, when they do find something odd, to first check here to see if there is an already existing discussion about the issue.

The website is pretty good but from my point of view bug reporting could be made more prominent with enhanced searchability features (filter on issue ids, etc) as that is my main use case for coming here

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