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G Ann Campbell replies very fast to our tickets, and that’s great for small problems.
But, when it’s a real bug (like the one I had) the support at a more technical level, replies very very slowly. And we have no visibility about when the bug will be solved.


We are generally very pleased with this Community Site and very appreciative of the efforts by Ann, Colin and others. However, I have to agree with Leopold with regard to bugs. Actual bug reports do not get looked at in enough time whereas they should be prioritized and actions taken. Resolutions of them are of benefit to all users.

Here is one we reported recently that has been ignored:

Help with setup, deployments and configuration and other similar support items are covered within paid support for paid licenses, or answers can be found from documentation or by asking an AI . However, SonarQube is not a product customised for each customer so bugs found in this standard (as opposed to a customer specific) product are flaws and ought to have prompt responses, and clearly stated actions created to resolve them. A support agreement would not normally cover such flaws in a (standard) product.


I am happy with the responsiveness in this community.

Unfortunately when solutions are posted about known issues it is often the case that the links are not viewable by the general public so it’s difficult to know when/if an issue has been fixed or not.

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