Sonarqube login and logout

Sonarqube version: 9.5.0
Bitmami helm chart

I’m not able to log into a newly built sonarqube server using the admin log in details. The Issue is whenever i login into sonarqube it buffers before logging me out. I would appreciate could shed some light on what the issue might be.

This the debug log:

[auth.event] login success [method|FORM][provider|LOCALIlocal]

[auth.event] login failure [causelUser must be authenticated][method|BASIC][provider|LOCALIlocal]

[auth.event] login failure [causelUser must be authenticated][method|BASIC][provider|LOCALIlocal]

Hi @TeddyDaily , and welcome to our community!

FYI, we don’t provide support for Bitnami’s Helm chart (we have our own). That being said, it seems there might be an issue with your redirect, and session persistence (cookies, likely).

When you first log into SonarQube as user admin, you are redirected to a form to change the default password. However, if somehow you try to see this “change password” form while not being authenticated, that’s typically where you will see such “User must be authenticated” errors in the logs.

Is this what you are experiencing? Are you being redirected after logging in? Are you on the same hostname, or are you being redirected to a different hostname (which would invalidate your session cookies)? If the problem persists, could you try using our officially supported Helm chart?