SonarQube login gets redirected back to the login page after entering the admin cred or ldap cred

Same issue been raised by another user-

i am unable to comment there that’s why raising a new issue.
The mentioned github issue not found-

I am using community helm chart(sonarqube:9.4.0-community). When i am trying to login with admin or ldap cred, homepage gets showed up for a split second and redirects to login page again. I tried clearing all cache, session data but issue persists.


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9.4 is a little stale at this point. Would you upgrade to the latest version and see if this is reproducible, please?


I am having the same issue.

I initially used sonarqube:latest version then used sonarqube:10.2.1-community version but for both i am facing same issue. unbale to login using admin as login-id and password.

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