Sonarcloud with automatic Github integration - Email spam for passed checks

Hello folks,

We connected sonarcloud to Git Hub and enabled automatic scanning. Everything is smooth!

But, on each commit to PR, sonarbot sends email notifications that quality gates have passed.
Commit again? New email! Oh, you forgot this nasty “;” ? Here is one more email to your already overflowed inbox.

How can we configure Sonarcloud to send notifications only on failed checks?


Welcome to the community!

In fact, the notification is for a change in Quality Gate status. So you only get a success email if the previous status was fail. And vice versa.

Perhaps you want to disable the individual email notification and just rely in your Quality Gate status being reported back to your DevOps platform, instead?


Alas, it’s not true:

Commit and notification:

One more commit ? Here you are:

Updated branch ? sure ! new notification :confused:

So it’s not like gate changed, it’s notification on every commit as comment in PR + email about it that everything is good


To be clear, we’re talking about emails? If so, what’s the from address on them?

If not… If you’re just objecting to the PR decoration…? That’s… the way the feature was… designed.


Hey Ann,

Hm, I can see that all of these notifications are coming from Thus, the workflow is as follows:

  • Commit submitted to GitHub

  • SonarCloud bot creates comments that everything is fine in the latest commit

  • Github spams email with this comment

Is it possible to configure sonarcloud bot to comment only if quality gates fail?


That’s not a possible configuration currently. And I’ll make sure the Product Managers see this thread. (No promises on action, tho.)