Send slack notifications of the sonarcloud quality gate fail results

Hi ,

I am using Github’s actions to build the application artifact. I have integrated the sonar cloud into the workflow. Now I want to send a quality gate status to slack. any suggestion…?

Hi @VinodReddyE, and welcome to our community!

We don’t have support for Slack just yet. It’s in our radar, but no ETA as of now.

In the mean time, if you really want it, you have a way to achieve this on your own. You need to rely on the webhooks that are sent by SonarCloud upon report processing. On every webhook notification that you get from SonarCloud, you can write a script that will send the notification on the Slack channel of your choice.

Out of curiosity, what would you expect from SonarCloud in terms of Slack notification? Something like:

  • every time an analysis is processed, send a notification to a channel?
  • every time an analysis is failed (and only in that case), send a notification to a channel?
  • send a notification for every analysis? or just the analyses done on branches but not merge requests? (because merge requests already get some feedback through the comment)

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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We need this feature.

every time an analysis is failed (and only in that case), send a notification to a channel


Thanks for the information @VinodReddyE, duly noted and will be useful when we decide to move forward on this feature!

Just adding my vote for this feature – slack integration :+1:

This. We have Jenkins and Teams and we use waitForQualityGate to get the status of the scan. We send a message to Teams with the scan results from waitForQualityGate plus some metrics we pull via an API call. It’s only about 50 lines of code so it’s not hard.