Notifications for Quality gate status

Hi Team,

We are trying to set notifications for Sonar cloud Quality gates, I didn’t see any related in documentation. Can someone from team please let us know how we can set these Notifications for quality gates.

Vamsi Putti.

Hi Vamsi,

To be clear, you’re trying to get emails for the Quality Gate status?

That’s settable in each individual’s user profile (click your user avatar in the top-right).

And there are things to be aware of:

  • a notification is only sent for a change. A Pass, followed by 3 Fails will only generate one email, for when it changed from Pass to Fail.
  • notifications are only sent for the project’s main branch.


Hi Ann Campbell,

My requirement is I am admin for Sonar cloud in our Organization and I want our developers to get notified when ever their is Quality gate status Failure. Notification should be sent only to respective developer and developer team.

Vamsi Putti.

Hi Vamsi,

You’ll be better served by reflecting the Quality Gate status in your DevOps Platform or CI, and acting on it from there.

The details of that will vary a bit by platform. The docs here or here should help.


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