Notification when quality gates failed

Hi Team,

I am looking for sending notifications when project getting failed by quality gate conditions . How is it possible to notify everyone in the team , when a particular project fails so that developers can look into the issue .

Hey there.

Users can individually subscribe to Notifications either globally (clicking on their own avatar in the upper-right, My Account > Notifications) or at the project-level (in the Project Information panel).

It’s not built-in to SonarQube to sign-up others (or entire teams) for notifications. If you wanted to get around this, I suppose you could create a local user using the e-mail address of an internal distribution list, and configure the notifications for that account.

Hi @Colin
Yes ! I can see these options both in generic settings as well as project settings.
I can only choose what kind of notifications to be set but not finding any options to update the mail id anywhere .

BTW what it means A notification is never sent to the author of the event.

The e-mail address is always tied to the user account that’s logged in – it’s cannot be adjusted to another e-mail address

It means that if you assign an issue to yourself (or close an issue assigned to you as false-positive, etc.), you yourself won’t receive a notification about it.

Thanks for the update .
But I can see something related to SMTP in general settings !
Can’t we set the email address to send notifications ?

BTW I never login using mail id , how does sonarqube aware of which mail ids?

When using Delegated Authentication this information is typically synced from the identity provider (like LDAP). Otherwise a local user can be assigned an e-mail address upon creation or later-on (Global Administration > Security > Users)

It’s not possible to generally set an e-mail address to receive notifications.

Thanks for the update !
Tried adding mail id Administration > Security > Users

But i am not getting any notifications via mail
what could be the reason ?

Have you configured the SMTP settings you mentioned earlier and made sure that sending a test e-mail works?

let me check and get back to you .
Also confirm me this works in community edition .

Thanks !