Email notification if next analysis fail

Hi all,

The sonarqube version is 9.9 LTS enterprise.
I have a simple question regarding email notification.

Email is set up in the administration panel. I want to see where we can configure notification in a way that if a project fails to pass the pre-defined quality gate, the owner of the analysis token should receive an email notification.

Sometime developers never log in to SonarQube and if they don’t fail their pipeline, they never notify about failed quality gates.

Can’t we do that via email for projects?


That’s not how notifications work.

First, we only send Quality Gate notifications when the status changes. Three failures in a row only yields one email, and only to those users who’ve subscribed to be notified.

Here’s your best option. When the Quality Gate fails, fail the pipeline. The mechanics of that vary by CI, but the docs will get you started.