How to get emailed for every failure quality gate failure?

We’re currently running code analysis via jenkins as such:

dotnet sonarscanner begin /k:“microservices” /d:“sonar.login=${SONAR_TOKEN}” /o:“ptp” /v:“$GIT_COMMIT” /d:“” /d:“sonar.cs.dotcover.reportsPaths=./dotCover.Output.html”
dotnet restore Microservices.sln
dotnet build Microservices.sln
dotnet-dotcover test --dcReportType=HTML --dcLogLevel=Verbose --dcLogFile=/dotcoverlogs/dotcover_log.txt ./Microservices.sln
dotnet sonarscanner end /d:“sonar.token=${SONAR_TOKEN}”

We’d like to get an email every time quality gates fail - either from jenkins or from sonar cloud. I thought I could do that by enabling notifications in the sonar cloud portal

But I’ve done that and re-run our jobs with a quality gate that fails and I get no email. So how can we know (without signing into the portal) when we’ve got a failure?


Hi Brad,

Welcome to the community!

We only email for changes in the Quality Gate status, so:

analysis 3 - pass 
analysis 4 - fail -> email
analysis 5 - pass -> email
analysis 6 - fail -> email
analysis 7 - fail 
analysis 8 - fail 
analysis 9 - pass -> email

If you want to get emails for re-fails, you’ll need to automate that outside of SonarCloud.