Failure on Quality Gate and the sending of an email notification


I’m new to SonarQube (8.9 LTS Enterprise edition) and i have a question about its functionality.

I believe it is possible to configure notifications on Quality Gate changes (Failure to Pass and vice versa) but i was wondering if we could just report on Failure (e.g. Failure to Failure upon a scan would result in an email notification being sent).

If this is possible how could this be configured?

Kind Regards


Hey there.

The notification is meant to indicate “The code is no longer releasable” and “The code is now releasable”. It’s not possible, today, to only send a notification on failure. Can you describe your use-case a little more (i.e. why you don’t want a notification when it changes from failed to pass)?

Hi Colin,

Many thanks for replying, we’ll likely switch the notification from pass to fail/fail to pass on but we’re also keen to also be informed as/when our code is built and fails its Quality Gate. We’d like to widen the audience of the scan statuses to those who don’t have access to the UI via email notifications.

An example would be

Build > Scan > Failure on Quality Gate > Notification via Email

At the moment when a scan runs there is no notifications unless the Quality Gate status changes, ideally we’d like to have email visibility of all failed code bases via Email.