No notification for failed coverage

I have the same issue once i setup smtp configuration and subscribe for email notification not getting emails once the sonarqube coverage is failed no mail is sent from sonarqube.


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Does SonarQube not send any notifications, or are you specifically looking for one for failing coverage? Because that’s not actually an option. You can get a notification when the Quality Gate status changes, and one cause of a change is coverage.

But if the Quality Gate was previously failing and then the coverage drops below the required threshold, that’s not going to trigger an additional notification.

Does that make sense?



Its not sending any kind of email notification, but ya we are looking for sending notification for every failed Quality Gate.


So if you don’t get any notifications at all, then you should double-check your SMTP settings and make sure your SMTP server is receiving what SonarQube is sending.

That’s just not going to happen. Here’s what will happen:

Analysis QG status Email?
1 Pass No - initial analysis, so there’s no change
2 Fail Yes - the QG status has changed
3 Fail NO - no change in the QG status
4 Fail No
5 Pass YES - the QG status has changed


I can send a test mail from sonarqube by using smtp credentials.


So can you check your SMTP server and make sure it’s receiving SonarQube’s emails and sending them on?