Project Based Email Notifications

We’ve had a number of users share the want and need to be able to setup per project notification settings, and it makes a lot of sense if you look at other products.

Within a project settings, currently the user must login, and subscribe themselves to an alert. For clear and consistent communications across a team of more than a few this quickly becomes unfeasible.

Instead, we would like to see the ability to set a custom email for a project, e.g. and this would then notify that email address when x notification has been reached, e.g new issue found, send email to specified email address as per the project settings.

This would remove the need for each user to login and subscribe, and allow teams to set thier notification address as needed.

Hello @r-ramsay .

Welcome to our community.

Thanks for reaching out and for the suggestion.

Though, can I ask which product you are referring to?
SonarQube or SonarCloud?

Thanks @Geoffray - This is for Sonarqube (Enterprise) we use :slight_smile:

We are currently on 9.2.1

Hi @r-ramsay,

I’m not sure which notifications you are referring to.
Are you thinking about the possibility for a team to subscribe at project level to the notifications for which users can individually subscribe to, eg: changes in issues/hotspots, quality gate changes, issues marked as false positive or won’t fix…?