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I’m not sure if I’m missing something obvious, but is there a way to send an email to a nominated address every time a run finishes, regardless of its state?

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Hi @andythompson89
Thanks for posting your question.
There is no ability to set a designated email address for notifications. This is a set-up which is per user.
You can however configure web hooks to be invoked as described here to perform custom actions at your end.

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Hi @AlxO - thanks for the response.

At a user level, is there then an option to get notified of all builds completing, regardless of what their result is?

I’m only seeing options for changed quality gate status or when things are specifically assigned to a user.


Hi @andythompson89. You are correct, there is no such option.

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Hi @AlxO
how can we get notified for quality gate status of pull requests, Activating New quality gate status sends notification only for quality gate status of master branch.

@AlxO : We are trying to get the notification for New quality gate status for each publish results. We are able to get the test email from SonarQube Server also updated users profile notification to receive notification for “Quality gate changes on all available projects”. We are not getting any emails. we are using 8.9 sonarqube version. Do you have any pointers on this why we are not getting the notification.

Hi @vadathyas , thanks for posting to the community?

As your question pertains to SonarQube, could you please open a post in the corresponding section? While SonarCloud and SonarQube have a lot in common, the answer, especially on topics like notifications, may vary.