Troubles with email notifications per project


we are running SonarQube Developer Edition 10.2.0, which is deployed on a Kubernetes cluster via Helm.

We have set up the email notifications: the test email works flawlessly. At every new Helm deployment of SonarQube we get emails claiming that the built-in quality profiles are updated, which is normal, I think.

I have tried to set the notifications for a project and a colleague of mine did the same: additionally he assigned to himself an issue on that project. That issue got solved in a branch and after the merge in master, a new analysis was executed, but none of us got an email notification about the change (resolution) of the issue.

In the logs I could find the following:

2023.09.27 08:17:03 INFO  ce[AYrVtnMw9flt3Zs5SW3o][o.s.c.t.s.ComputationStepExecutor] Send issue notifications | newIssuesNotifs=0 | newIssuesDeliveries=0 | myNewIssuesNotifs=0 | myNewIssuesDeliveries=0 | changesNotifs=1 | changesDeliveries=0 | status=SUCCESS | time=21ms

Even if changesNotifs was set to 1, we did not get any email. Am I missing something on how the email notifications work? Thanks in advance.


I don’t believe we actually send emails for issues being closed. I can see how you might expect once, since it’s a “change”, but the intent behind that wording is: mark False Positive / Won’t Fix or change issue type or severity.