Slack notifications from SonarQube

Hello everyone,

I am thinking of adding slack notifications of SonarQube analysis, assigned issues…Is that possible? Is it based on the webhook creation?


Hello @nihel,

SonarQube doesn’t provide an easy solution to benefit in slack from the notifications you can get by email. But we are tracking the requests on this topic.

Can you please tell me the information you’d like to receive in slack?


Hello @Chris,

Thank you for your quick reply.
So we would like to receive information related to quality gate status (passed/failed) with the issues found(number of bugs, code smells…) and more in details, receive notifications when an issue is assigned to a user…
Attached an example of a passed Quality gate.
PS: I tried to configure a webhook sonar/slack, I can see a detailed payload which is a great thing but the response is 400…what could be the issue? thanks ^^
Screenshot 2022-02-11 at 10.01.55

Thanks for info.
I can’t help you but someone else from the forum might be able to answer.