No notifications received

  • ALM used: GitHub
  • GitHub Actions
  • Steps to reproduce:
  1. Went to My Account > Notifications > Selected a project
  2. Selected all checkboxes for the project
  3. Made a commit that passed Quality Gate
    Expected result: Notification on New Quality Gate status should be received
    Actual result: No Notifications

Should the status change from Fail to Pass to be considered as “New”?
If so, then I tested it and this doesn’t help. The notification isn’t received even in case of status change from Pass to Failed

Hey there.

This is the right interpretation.

Sorry for the obvious questions – but have you checked that the e-mail address associated to your account is correct, and the notifications haven’t landed in your Spam folder?

Hi Colin,
Thanks for reply, my email is taken from GitHub and I receive notifications from GitHub, so, I’m certain it’s a valid and working email address. I did check the junk mail folder. And the issue isn’t just for me, it’s for all of my teammates.
We all are using GitHub and authenticate through it with MFA when login to SonarCloud.

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Hello @VarvaraK,

Could it be that you are expecting receiving a “New Quality Gate status” to be sent on a Pull Request or a short-lived branch?

Quality Gate and issue related notifications are sent only on long-lived branches.

The gap in our documentation has been identified and will be fixed. I can’t commit on when, though.

Jira to include more on the topic in SonarCloud Log in with Atlassian account.

Hello Sebastien,
Thank you for your reply:
Here’s how our configuration looks like:
I am not sure I understand what you mean by “Quality Gate and issue related notifications are sent only on long-lived branches”, or better, how would my set up look like to make it to be able to trigger the notification to be sent out?
Thank you!

Hello @VarvaraK ,

What I mean is that the above will cause a notification to be sent only if the two following conditions are met:

  1. commit was pushed to a long-lived branch (according to your configuration snippet, that would mean on branch “master” only)
  2. the quality gate status changed (went from failed to passed or the other way around)