SonarCloud UI - Cannot open project overview on private projects

Hello everyone,

while trying to open a private project overview from my organisation I encounterd in an error message:

"The request cannot be processed. Try again later."

The SonarCloud Status page does not indicate any problem so far.

Does anyone know if there is an error on sonarcloud site?




I figured out the project will load untill the browser window has a width of max 1337px. If it’s higher, the error Message above will be shown.

Can verify,

I have the exact same issue.

interestingly though, it doesn’t happen for all my projects. Only for a specific project in another organisation

Not sure if relevant, but I see this error in the console:

vendor-BfGhW6Il.js:8  Error: Minified React error #185; visit for the full message or use the non-minified dev environment for full errors and additional helpful warnings.
    at Ke (vendor-BfGhW6Il.js:8:8256)
    at Ei (vendor-BfGhW6Il.js:6:57963)
    at ThemeProvider-kGWKkakX.js:162:31545
    at od (vendor-BfGhW6Il.js:10:6513)
    at e.unstable_runWithPriority (vendor-BfGhW6Il.js:2:11978)
    at ht (vendor-BfGhW6Il.js:6:38319)
    at nt (vendor-BfGhW6Il.js:10:5988)
    at To (vendor-BfGhW6Il.js:8:10689)
    at vendor-BfGhW6Il.js:6:38541
    at e.unstable_runWithPriority (vendor-BfGhW6Il.js:2:11978)

Also hit by this. Given the nature of this issue (1337px is clearly not random number), are there any concerns from a security perspective we need to know?

Can report his is affecting our private org as well.

Hey all.

Thanks for the reports. A few things:

  • This incident is logged on our StatusPage, which you can check for updates:
  • A rollback is in progress of the commit that caused the issue
  • @DamienDennehy We have no reason at this point to suspect a security issue. Of course, we will continue to investigate and keep you informed.
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@DamienDennehy I can confirm there’s no security issue. There’s a UI breakpoint involved in the incident that is set to 1320px + the scrollbar width. The fact it landed on 1337 is just funny coincidence. :slight_smile:


The issue should now be mitigated. Please let us know if it persists (but first try a hard refresh of the page)


I confirm the error is fixed now

Thanks Colin. Can also confirm the issue is fixed.
Appreciate the time to a fix on this.