SonarCloud issue page display truncation issue

Run SonarCloud on Bitbucket repository. Visit SonarCloud project dashboard and select My Issues from the top menu. A truncated issue page is displayed in the right panel.

Tried with Firefox and Chrome browsers on Ubuntu 16.04. Same phenomenon.

Does anyone have the same observation? Thanks.

Hello Jerry,

Could you share with me what’s your browser resolution when you see this ?
Also did you do some horizontal scrolling ?
Have you got the same issue when activating the new UI ?

Hi Gregoire!

My browser resolutions is:


Nope, I can’t even see the horizontal scrollbar!

Is there a new UI for the project dashboard? I would love to try it out!

Thanks ahead for your suggestions!

Thanks, that’s weird, I could not reproduce using the same resolution as you, or even smaller resolution it’s working as expected. But I’m on a more recent version of ubuntu, also probably not the same chrome or Firefox version as you.

Could you tell me the Firefox and Chrome version you used ?
Also do you see any errors in the developer console ? If yes can you share a screenshot here ?

You can enable the new UI (even though it won’t change much on the “My issues” page) from here:

Hi Gregoire, thanks for the prompting. I tried upgrading my Firefox version and the display issue is resolved! Thanks so much!

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