Some screens are not usable on mobile


I hope you are doing well!

I was reading this post and click on the link to see the projects on SonarCloud, which redirects here:

I arrived here:

I can’t see anything because the left panel takes most of the space.

I know that SonarCloud is mainly for desktop usage, but it would be nice to be able to at least scroll through the page.

This also happens in issues lists and code:

Thanks! Have a lovely day!


Hello Siegfried! :mage:

Welcome (back) to the community forum! :laughing:

Thanks for the bug report, indeed we don’t support mobile but you should be able to at least scroll horizontally!

I actually found out today that our horizontal scrollbar is MIA on every pages, and I have a fix in the pipe. So I think it should fix your issue too and you can expect it to be deployed tomorrow.

In case it’s not good enough with the horizontal scrollbar fix don’t hesitate to post here again!

It’s nice reading you here! Have a good day and see you soon! :grin:



We discussed a bit in private with @Gregoire_Aubert to investigate a bit and the problem happens on Apple devices: the screenshot was from Safari on iPhone, I reproduce with Firefox on Mac, but it works well with Firefox on Linux (I use Arch, btw.)

The lovely @Gregoire_Aubert told me he added a ticket to tackle this in the future.

Thanks a lot :kissing_heart: !


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