SonarCloud has received a facelift for a more modern and consistent UI

Hello SonarCloud users,

We just released the first of a number of updates to the SonarCloud user interface. It’s a big step toward a more modern, consistent, and accessible UI.

We tell you everything there is to know about this release in this blog. We invite you to read it and give a try to the new SonarCloud UI! We hope the UI improvements will make your experience in the product even better.

Did you find usability issues? Open a dedicated thread here.


The SonarCloud team.


Can’t wait for dark mode :slight_smile:


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Hi Thomas, is this more modern and consistent UI refresh also coming to SonarQube?

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Hi @markzielinski,

We actually started working on it. We’d like the design and user interface of SonarQube to benefit from the effort that was done on SonarCloud to get a more modern and consistent UI. It doesn’t mean that you’ll get the same UI on SonarQube, but you should discover step by step a more modern user interface in the next SonarQube versions.


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